Women's go-to clothing inspired by and made in the Hudson Valley. Pieces to live in, companions to your confidence and natural beauty.

In Norse mythology , Iðunn (pronounced "ee-dun") was a keeper of apples and a granter of eternal youthfulness. My verdurous upbringing on an apple orchard along with a somewhat paradoxical view of femininity makes Iðunn feel like a most appropriate theme for this line of environment-inspired, hand-made clothing.

Growing up, I watched a current of beautiful strong women come and go on the farm; they ate hot peppers for money, did arm-wrestling competitions at bars, could lift more than some guys I've dated, and would float through the market, sweetly smiling in floral dresses with baskets of peppers and peaches perched on each hip. This lifestyle has implanted in me a magnetism to the dual individualism of a hard-working and creative-minded female.

Timeless pieces were designed and noble materials sourced, the result being versatile/durable clothing with an heirloom-quality, regulary put foward in small batches by a team of three.

We hope you find your Idunn pieces to be the first thing in and out of your laundry and that they transform seemingly mundane day-to-day activities into truly magical ones.

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Pocoapoco, Oaxaca

India Flint, Orkney UK